Learn at your own pace!

The videos have been designed to teach you Swedish in a step-by-step process, starting from the very basics towards a more conversational level. 
You can also choose to listen to the lessons while on the go, no watching necessary! Currently, the lessons cover Swedish but with plans to expand this in the future.

The video content

There are four types of video series currently on LingoLib for learning Swedish.

  • Complete course (49 videos) starting from no knowledge of the language to reaching a more conversational level. The main instructor is a native speaker of the language. 
  • Alphabet series focusing on highlighting the basics of pronunciation and learning how to read and write.
  • Literature series (11 videos) which translates and explains excerpts from published literature spanning fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Learn through spaced repetition

Research on language acquisition has shown that you’ll learn a language more efficiently if you consistently repeat and review the words that you have learned in different intervals. In these lessons, you’ll use this methodology to consistently review previous material and challenge yourself to build sentences by yourself.